Payment with paypal

secure online paying and booking for transfers in slovenia

   At Airtrail Slovenia we deliver as promised, price as agreed will be the price that you pay for your transfer.We charge no extras for waiting is summer traffic jams or extra route on the way,nither for breaks on the way.Prices for all of our services are final,no extras what so ever.Of course we accept tips, but that is on your discretion. We don´t charge:

-Start fee

-Waiting time

-Highway fees

-Tunnel fees

-Extra charge for luggage

-Child seats

-Supplement for the holidays

-Night time supplement

-Rush hour extras

 ​   Please do contact us before using payment with paypal option. All details about your transfer,pick up place, date, time and price needs to be agreed before any down payment.Here is one example of using payment with paypal for return transfer airport Ljubljana to Bled that costs 90 euros.

   Choose payment for 20 eur once and press ADD to CART, than when in new window click CONTINUE SHOPING button to return to this site and choose payment for 20 eur again. With continue shoping you will return once again on this page and with choosing payment for 50 eur and pressing CHECK OUT WITH PAY PAL you are finished with it. There is also option CHECK OUT that will lead you to payment with credit card, if you press the button PAY WITH MY CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD.

   This option is a bit complicated, another version is to send you prepared invoice for the exact amount to your email adress.In that case, costs are calculated and there is no need to "to get together" exact amount with adding it to cart.  In both cases transfers can be paid with all mayor credit cards and with paypal account. Thank you for reading instructions on Payment with paypal site.

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