Airport ljubljana to Piran private transfers

Affordable taxi transfer from and to Piran Slovenia

  Airtrail Slovenia offers inexpensive and secure taxi transfers from the airport in Ljubljana to Piran. We offer the lowest possible price private transfer from airport Ljubljana to Piran for 179 eur, or a group of more than 4 passengers for 229 eur. Our English-speaking team of drivers can pick you up at any airport or town in the vicinity of Slovenia. Reasonably priced private transfers from airports Maribor and Ljubljana, as well as door-to-door transfers from Italian and Austrian airports.

  Picturesque Piran/Pirano in Italian, sitting at the tip of a peninsula, is a favorite town for many visitors on the Slovenian coast. Its city center is one of the best-preserved historical towns anywhere on the Adriatic. The old town area of Piran is a gem of Venetian Gothic architecture, and it can be a very crowded place at the height of the summer. In April or October, though, you´ll fall in love with the winding Venetian Gothic alleyways and tempting seafood restaurants.
Piran itself is a town shouting to pay a visit and friendly locals will always give you a sense you are one of them. It is not unusual, that waiter will still remember your name when returning after years.

  At Airtrail we provide private transfers with sedan cars, station wagons, and minivans for up to 8 people. Besides tourist destinations inside Slovenia, our service offers private car connections to airports in the vicinity of Slovenia and Ljubljana, like Zagreb Croatia, Trieste, Venice in Italy, and Austrian Vienna, Graz, and Salzburg. All cars are from the upper-middle class, regularly checked, and air-conditioned. All drivers speak English and are some of the most experienced in Slovenia. For all further information call +386 41 281 228 or send an email:

call us at+386 41 281 228

 Price list flat-rate private transfers to or from Piran:

Taxi transfer to Piran from Ljubljana city 149 euros
Airport Ljubljana to Piran (sedan) 179 euros

Airport Ljubljana to Piran (minivan) 229 euros

Taxi transfer to Piran from Bled Lake 229 euros
Taxi transfer to Piran from Bohinj 269 euros
Taxi transfer to Piran from Kranjska Gora 289 euros
Taxi transfer to Piran from airport Klagenfurt / on-demand
Taxi transfer to Piran from airport Graz / on-demand
Taxi transfer to Piran from airport Zagreb / on-demand

* When more than 4 passengers prices are 40% higher

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